Why Pinterest can make things harder

I love Pinterest, great for inspiration, recipes and just a general browse but as we have been renovating downstairs (and I've started thinking about the nursery) its actually become a bit of a mind fudge. I see thing I love and think yes I could re-create that! but actually I cant, because the rooms are... Continue Reading →

Laundry: Planning

Our current laundry is at the back of our house with just the bare minimum and it is essentially outside. The little dogs have their bed in it which they sleep in during the day, it's not exactly I very clean environment when transferring clothes around. That's not to say it doesn't work, it does! I... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom (Almost done)

I say almost because I feel like no room will ever be 'done', as our style and taste changes and evolves so too will our space. But for now our room feels mostly complete, we still need a shutter for the small window but these things take time! The chandelier as you walk in really... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom Renovations (continued)

Taking wallpaper off sounded very easy..... It wasn't. We had to strip off the vinyl, then steam the glued on paper underneath, carefully scraping it off not damaging the walls. It took me a while to get the technique down but once I felt comfortable with it we put on one of my favourite crime podcasts... Continue Reading →

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