Laundry: Planning

Our current laundry is at the back of our house with just the bare minimum and it is essentially outside. The little dogs have their bed in it which they sleep in during the day, it's not exactly I very clean environment when transferring clothes around. That's not to say it doesn't work, it does! I... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom Renovations (so close…)

Here it is, all painted and looking beautiful! ​I can't believe how different the room looks now, it's hard to picture pink now. ​ The floors look much lighter in person then they are in this picture. But I just love how they have come out, the rose is definitely growing on me. You can... Continue Reading →

Master Bedroom Renovations (continued)

Taking wallpaper off sounded very easy..... It wasn't. We had to strip off the vinyl, then steam the glued on paper underneath, carefully scraping it off not damaging the walls. It took me a while to get the technique down but once I felt comfortable with it we put on one of my favourite crime podcasts... Continue Reading →

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