Why Pinterest can make things harder

I love Pinterest, great for inspiration, recipes and just a general browse but as we have been renovating downstairs (and I’ve started thinking about the nursery) its actually become a bit of a mind fudge. I see thing I love and think yes I could re-create that! but actually I cant, because the rooms are half the size, I have a quarter of the budget and also actual people will be using the rooms. The flatmate is more realistic about this kid of thing then I am, I will show him an image and he’ll say ‘yea that looks great, but we don’t live in a castle in the Highlands of Scotland, and he’s right we don’t. But I still like to look at those images, I just need to more from renovation inspiration to just inspiration. In this sense I like my Instagram feed more, in many cases it shows how styles and decor can work in a ‘lived in home’ that is not to say that many of the images i see aren’t edited or styled but i fell I am finding more relevant sources through insta then Pinterest. And now that you can save images in collections its kind of turned into a mini Pinterest, with the added feature that the product sources are normally tagged and you can very quickly work out if you can afford the lusted after item or look! This is not to say I will stop using Pinterest, I still love it, it’s just now more of a mood board.

Here are some images I am using inspiration but knowing fully well our finished product wont look anything like it… and that’s ok.


rattan bed


My Bedroom: My inky blue bedroom makeover by Helen Powell





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