Master Bedroom (Almost done)

I say almost because I feel like no room will ever be ‘done’, as our style and taste changes and evolves so too will our space. But for now our room feels mostly complete, we still need a shutter for the small window but these things take time!

The chandelier as you walk in really sets the tone (cough), I couldn’t keep it in the box any longer. One day these walls will be covered in some dramatic wallpaper but for now this will do.


I love our curtains, when we decided on velvet it did feel like a bit of a risk but I couldn’t be happier. We have two really big windows so what ever we choose there was going to be a lot of it. We did think of having a pattern but then I saw the velvet samples and I just couldn’t get them out of my head.

The rug is from Kmart, I really like it. Its not very heavy and is prone to the corners getting caught but I just need to get some of that grippy stuff. The chair I got on one of our local trading Facebook pages. I just love it, it adds a bit of colour to the room. It is normally covered in clothes but what else do you do with chairs in your bedroom. I knitted the blanket, it only took me a few evenings watching films and about $60 worth of wool from Lincraft.



Storage is always going to be an issue in our house, we have a lot of space but not a lot of functional space. There is this strange little ledge where the previous owner extended the bathroom, why they didn’t just fill it in is beyond me. I found this suitcase and a local charity shop, it fits perfectly in the space and we can store our sleeping bags and a few extra blankets.

The pendents are from Lighting Plus, we wanted something simple but it had to be some sort of a pendent as the light comes out of the beam. They may be more modern then I thought we would go for but I have found that lighting is very hard to find and options can be limited.



We stained our old shelves white as I thought the dark stain would have been to heavy in the room. I haven’t hung any art yet as I am too nervous to put any holes in the walls!


I got these prints from an art shop in town, they were $8 each and the frames $15 from Kmart. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I really love it and until we find the perfect piece its the perfect place holder.


I am all for adding your own personality to rooms, I think we can get so caught up in whats on trend or sticking to the theme. I found these little guys and used them as stocking stuffers from Christmas last year, they just add a touch of fun (also, I bloody love anything gold).


In the perfect world this bed would have at least two more pillows and around four more cushions. But I am compromising, one perfect linen cushion cover and a euro pillow. I had thought I would want lighter duvet covers in this room but I felt it needed something a bit darker. I found this velvet cover on NZsale, there was comment made ‘maybe too much velvet’. Its not too much, its the perfect amount.



The wardrobe was always going to be a challenge and I haven’t added any full shots into it because its still not quite finished. But I love that I can hang (some) of my hats!


The view from the wardrobe isn’t too bad either!


I love our bay window, at the moment it is home to plants and a few art pieces. This may change, in the summer I can see myself sitting here reading so I will need to make some big cushions.




So that is it, I am sure the room will change and develop but for now I just love the space.


Where to find the things:—brown/875341



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