Master Bedroom Renovations (so close…)

Here it is, all painted and looking beautiful! ​I can’t believe how different the room looks now, it’s hard to picture pink now.


The floors look much lighter in person then they are in this picture. But I just love how they have come out, the rose is definitely growing on me. You can see the variation in the wood much more now which has truly improved it. I am still thinking about adding a rug to this space but we will have to see how it looks with all our furniture and the curtains.


We kept the carving at the top of the arch, we had thought about taking it off to make the lines cleaner. We decided against it as its features like these that make the house so unique. It was a real challenge to gib stop and paint around, not that I did it but it looked challenging!


We were going to sand this back and give it a natural stain but after we sanded it we saw how much water damage there was so we decided to stain it white. We were going to mix the paint and make our own white wash but ended up buying  a can as we knew we would be going a lot of white wash through the house (Resene, Woodsman Whitewash Waterborne Stain).

I am really looking forward to making some big cushions and adding some art to this space too.


The lighting for this space was actually far more challenging to find then I had anticipated. There are some amazing modern and industrial lights out there but I wanted something that was more timeless and I have never felt this this space can pull off the industrial look. We ended up going for these, they are probably more modern then I would have liked but I feel like they fit into the space and don’t stand out too much. (they are from LightingPlus).


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