Master Bedroom Renovations (the beginning)

We love our house, all the rooms are a good size, plenty of natural light, beautify bay windows and so much potential. But its quirky, don’t get me wrong I love the wood floors, archways, carvings and stained-glass windows. But its just all a bit much all at once.

Another aspect of the house that we love is all the beautiful wood, the floors, bay window seats, ceiling beams, I will stop there but you get the picture that there is a lot of wood. The negative of this is that it all gets lost in each other. The dark wooden beams are lost in the mash up of other coloured wood on the celling. The yellow stain on the floor hides its true beauty, so we decided to simplify and hopefully make the most of what we had.


Even though it was a very light pink, the colour along with the all the wood made the room feel very dark.


And the wall colours… I am sure there was a time when baby pink and mint green wallpaper were ‘on trend’ but not any more. We ended up going to a half black white (Resene). We thought about wallpaper, feature walls but in the end decided to stick to a blank canvas and play with colours and textures with our furnishings.


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